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How we keep your valuables safe Unparalleled Security
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How we keep your valuables safe
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Rental charges for less than £3 per week Insurance by Safe Deposit Centre Specialists
Up to £500,000 cover available
Insurance wear cover is also available
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Rental charges for less than £3 per week Gunnebo Chubb High Security Vault
Class X CD EX Vault with added explosive and core drill protection
Tested and certified by the ECB•S to the latest security standard, EN 1143-1
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Rental charges for less than £3 per week Cutting Edge Technology
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Used by the European Central Bank and UK Government
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How we keep your valuables safe
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Privacy is key

What’s Important to You is Safe with Us

You can trust Britannia Safe Deposit Centre to keep your valuables safe and secure.

Why? Because we work to the very highest standards of security practice.


We take a professional approach to security and we are proud to offer you world-class facilities, meticulous attention to detail and warm, friendly service.

Why Choose Us?

Britannia Safe Deposit Centre is a division of an established self-storage company with a strong proven track record built on more than a decade of contented clients.


As part of a successful business that is familiar with advanced security measures, you can rest assured our safe deposit centre will exceed your expectations.


Highly experienced in keeping other people’s stored possessions and valuables safe and sound, it’s our commitment to high standards and personal service that sets us apart.


Our aim is to offer the best safe deposit centre in the north of England.


Secure, affordable, flexible and easy, it simply offers you ultimate peace of mind.

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What Security Measures Are in Place?

Britannia Safe Deposit Centre is located in a stone-fronted former bank building. Constructed in 1862 by Williams Deacon’s Bank with no expense spared, it boasts a 150-year history of keeping people’s valuables safe.


That enviable reputation lives on. It’s now home to one of the most secure safe deposit centre vaults in the country , the highest grade of vault in private use outside London.


You can store your precious possessions in our Class X CD EX Chubb Centurion 6-sided vault. Purpose-built for us by Gunnebo Chubb in Germany, this bespoke vault has additional explosive and core drill protection and is tested & certified by the ECB•S to comply with the latest European security standard EN-1143-1.


It’s also fitted with electronic time locks and can’t be accessed outside of normal business hours.


Relax in the knowledge that the whole facility has been designed around higher than normal industry standards:

  • Fully anti-ballistic office area
  • Highly secure multiple bank-grade alarm system, monitored 24/7, 365 days a year by specialists
  • Advanced Biometric authentication systems to ensure only you or nominated people can access your box
  • DBS-checked staff drawn from the security and banking sectors
  • Additional covert security measures and protocols which we don’t disclose

What Do We Offer?

Our commitment to providing the safest possible place for your important items is central to all we do.


Discreet, professional and excellent value for money, we offer a straightforward and trustworthy way of storing your high value and irreplaceable valuables.


Simply reserve a safe deposit box, either online , in person or over the phone, bring your items to the centre and trust our experts to take care of the rest.


With a range of box sizes and term lengths, you’ll have ultimate flexibility and control.


Rest assured that your identity is covered by the Data Protection Act (DPA) and that Britannia Safe Deposit Centre is:

  • Registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Registered with the Information Commissioner (ICO)
  • Members of the Safe Deposit Association (SDA)

Any questions? Get in touch. We’re always happy to help. CALL 01204 916 993