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Privacy is key Privacy is key

Privacy is Key

We provide an efficient, confidential and discreet service to all our customers.


We use a cutting-edge Iris Recognition access control system to make absolutely sure that we only allow the customer or a nominated person access to the correct safe deposit box.


Consequently, the contents of your safe deposit box will remain private and confidential at all times. We do not have access to or knowledge of what is in your box.  We do however recommend that you keep your own detailed inventory and valuation of your items for insurance purposes.


You are under no obligation to disclose your box contents, although you might wish to do this with our discreet staff to ensure that your items are suitable for storage in one of our vaults. In this event, our staff will not record what is discussed or keep any record of the conversation relating to the items to be stored.


All our safe deposit boxes come with a secure inner metal liner box that can be taken into one of our private viewing rooms in the secure area and opened unaccompanied in complete privacy. The box can then be closed again and placed back into the vault without anyone else having had sight of the contents. For extra piece of mind, you are also permitted to fit an additional personal lock on the inner box as an extension to the main safe deposit box lock system provided.


With regard to any of your personal data that we hold, this is of course protected by the Data Protection Act, our registration with the Financial Conduct Authority and also our registration with the Information Commissioners Office.


Whilst privacy is key, please remember that at all times you must abide by our terms and conditions regarding what cannot be kept in one of our safe deposit boxes.


Finally, please note that if we are presented with a legal Warrant and directed to open your safe deposit box by the Police, HMRC or any other law enforcement agency then we are legally obliged to do so without providing any prior notification to you.

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