Why Use a Safe Deposit Box?

If you worry about the security of valuables in your home, at work or elsewhere then a safe deposit box will put your mind at rest.


If you are also considering the option of a home safe, remember that you will be putting yourself and your family at considerable risk of harm by keeping valuables at home. A home safe is only actually secure when you are not in the building because burglars can easily break into your home and force you to open the safe.


By storing your items in a high security vault, away from your own property, you pass on the responsibility to experts.


No more worry about

theft icon


flood icon


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Online data breaches

For a little outlay you buy a lot of security and peace of mind. A safe deposit box is one of the most secure ways you can protect your valuables and so represents very good value for money.


At Britannia Safe Deposit Centre, you’re guaranteed absolute discretion. Private viewing rooms are available for your comfort and privacy, and you don’t need to disclose the contents of your box to us.


Our boxes can hold a variety of items including cash, jewellery, gold, silver, passports, documents, data, paintings and antiques. We welcome it all.

Take a look at our safe deposit boxes and choose the right size for your needs