How to Rent a Britannia Safe Deposit Box

You’re just five steps away from peace of mind for your valuables:

Step 1. Make an appointment to visit our centre


Call us on 01204 963 935 to arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient time. On the confirmed date, visit our Bolton safe deposit centre and complete an agreement to open a new safe deposit box account. Please allow around 45 minutes in branch to complete the process.

Step 2. Choose your box size


Check out our box sizes, rental terms and prices. If you’re not sure, visit us in person for expert advice and to view the boxes in our reception area.

Step 3. Complete the application paperwork


At your personal appointment where an application will be completed by custodian. Please also bring one form of photographic identification and one proof of address from the list provided below.


Before setting off, ensure you have these two forms of ID for each person you plan to name on the account (up to four people permitted).

Show us ONE piece of photo ID. Choose from:

  • Current signed UK/EEA passport
  • Current signed non-EEA passport with valid UK visa
  • Current UK photocard driving licence (this can only be used as proof of identity if it’s not also used as proof of address)

Show us ONE proof of address. Choose from:

  • Utility bill (gas/electricity/water/home phone) dated within the last three months
  • Bank, credit card or mortgage statement dated within the last three months (online printed statements are not accepted unless stamped and verified by your bank)
  • Council Tax bill dated within the last 12 months
  • Current UK photocard driving licence (this can only be used as proof of address if it’s not also used as proof of identity)

Step 4. Enrol onto our security systems


Once you’ve been allocated a specific safe deposit box, your details will be matched to it so only you or someone nominated by you will have access.


This involves adding your photograph and iris biometric details to our system.

Step 5. Pay for your box


The final step is to make your initial payment. We only accept debit and credit cards for this first fee. extended term fees are paid by Direct Debit.


You’ll then get the only two keys to your box and we’ll show you how to access it. With all security systems carefully put in place, you’re all set to start securing your valuables.


You’ll be able to deposit items into your box straightaway.


Please note:

  • Britannia Safe Deposit Boxes are available on an approved application basis only
  • All applications must be made in person
  • You must be over 18 to register to use a safe deposit box
  • We won’t hold any copies of the keys to your safe deposit box
  • We don’t offer a key holding or key retention service
  • Rental agreements can be terminated by giving at least one month’s notice before the end of each annual anniversary of the agreement. If notice isn’t given, the contract is automatically extended for an additional year.
  • By following all these protocols, we create the safest possible environment for our customers and their possessions.

We do not hold the contents of your Safe Deposit Box on your behalf, We simply provide you with the Safe Deposit Box.   We have no knowledge of the contents and You keep items in your Safe Deposit Box at your own risk.  We exclude any and all liability in respect of any loss or damage to any items stored in your Safe Deposit Box.


Keeping valuables in a Safe Deposit Box should not be seen as an alternative to insuring them and You should insure the contents of your Safe Deposit Box for their full value.


Prior to the end of the initial period and each period of extension, we will write to you and ask if You wish to extend the Contract for a further 12 month period and issue You with an invoice for the Fees due for the next 12 month period. If you wish to extend the Contract, You must pay such invoice or give us written notice to terminate this Contract (at the end of the then current 12 month period) within 28 days of your receipt of such invoice.

Any questions? Get in touch. We’re always happy to help. CALL 01204 963 935