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How we keep your valuables safe
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Rental charges for less than £3 per week Insurance by Safe Deposit Centre Specialists
Up to £500,000 cover available
Insurance wear cover is also available
See logistics services £10,000 Complimentary Insurance
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Rental charges for less than £3 per week Gunnebo Chubb High Security Vault
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Tested and certified by the ECB•S to the latest security standard, EN 1143-1
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How we keep your valuables safe
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Privacy is key

Get Specialist Insurance for Your Valuables

Your valuables are important to you. It makes sense to protect them.


So having the right insurance is vital.


At Britannia Safe Deposit Centre we recommend having a comprehensive insurance policy to cover anything stored within our vaults.


You’ll receive £10,000 complimentary insurance from us during the first year’s rental which can be topped up to the value of your items.


After that, or if you need more cover, our partners Ellerton Knight offer specialist insurance cover for the contents of your safe deposit box via their dedicated website.


Affordable and simple to purchase, it delivers ultimate peace of mind with all claims paid directly to you. And is also likely to reduce your household insurance premium.


Each of our boxes can be insured for up to £500,000 at a small additional cost. Higher amounts are available on request. We are one of only a handful of safe deposit centres secure enough for our insurance partner to offer this level of all-risk insurance without the need for underwriting.


Ellerton Knight were the first UK brokers to offer specialist cover for individual safe deposit boxes and remain the country’s leading provider.


They also offer up to 20 days of ‘wear cover’ when cover is needed for items worn to events and special occasions.


While you’ll never normally need to disclose the contents of your safe deposit box to us, in the unlikely event of a claim, you would be required to describe the lost or damaged items.

Because of this, we strongly recommend you:

  • Retain valuation certificates, invoices and/or photographs of the items stored in your box
  • Keep a schedule of the items kept and update this each time a valuable is deposited or removed

Speak to us about insuring your valuables CALL 01204 916 993

Book a Convenient On-Site Valuation

It’s a common mistake to underestimate the value of your precious items. Insurers will tell you that most people who guess their value are underinsured by an average of 50%.


We can help you get that figure right.


Be reassured your insurance is adequate by requesting a professional valuation. It’s highly secure, convenient and hassle-free.


We can arrange for leading valuers Prestige Valuations to meet you in our secure viewing room and carry out a professional insurance-approved valuation of your items.


With over 30 years’ experience, their experts will give you an up-to-date value which will be accepted by our recommended insurers Ellerton Knight.


Strictly private and confidential, you can keep your valuables on-site and be confident in your insurance arrangements.

Book an expert on-site valuation today