Not all safe deposit centres are created equal and so picking the right centre that ensures the highest standards in security, service and privacy is a crucial choice to make if you want to store your valuable items securely.


Britannia Safe Deposit Centre is located in a stone-fronted former bank building. Constructed in 1862 by Williams Deacon’s Bank with no expense spared, it boasts a 150-year history of keeping people’s valuables safe.


That enviable reputation lives on. It’s now home to one of the most secure safe deposit centre vaults in the country, offering the highest grade of vault in private use outside London.


At Britannia Safe Deposit we’ve got a modern approach to a traditional service. We provide high tech solutions to deliver and enhance traditional safe deposit box security, privacy, customer service and standards.


Please read on to learn a little more about our approach to security and be reassured that you are making the right choice by choosing Britannia Safe Deposit Centre.

Trust and Integrity

Trust and Integrity are at the heart of everything we do at Britannia Safe Deposit. Our highly trained and experienced staff are drawn from the banking and security sectors and all boast an enviable track record of integrity, discretion and very high standards of customers service. You can be assured that our bank trained staff have the expertise to guide you efficiently & knowledgeably and to provide you with the best professional attention.

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Branch Security

Our branch security measures have been designed and installed by leaders in the industry and are certified to meet the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) GOLD Standard.


In addition to this, our whole facility has been designed to exceed normal industry and banking standards providing multiple layers of security as follows:

  • Fully anti-ballistic office area
  • Highly secure multiple bank-grade alarm systems, monitored 24/7, 365 days a year by specialists
  • High definition CCTV installed to provide surveillance of the entire site and is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year by specialists
  • Advanced Biometric Iris Recognition authentication systems to ensure only you or nominated people can access your box
  • DBS-checked staff drawn from the banking and security sectors.
  • Bank-grade operating standards, disciplines and procedures.
  • The highest levels of compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules and regulations.
  • Many additional supporting covert security measures and protocols which we don’t disclose
  • All of this is underpinned by specific security zones where access is limited to our approved clients only.

The above is, of course, not an exclusive list and there are many other security measures and protocols that we cannot tell you about in order to maintain the highest levels of security.


Consequently, our customers can relax in the knowledge that their safe deposit boxes are fully protected to a very high standard indeed.

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Speak to us about insuring your valuables CALL 01204 963 935

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Iris Recognition Access Control

Access to our premises and highly restricted vault areas is secured using the latest cutting-edge Iris Recognition technology which we use in order to establish the true identity of every customer.


Iris recognition is the most advanced and accurate biometric technology available today, providing precise identification without PINs, passwords, or access cards. User registration is done in less than 2 minutes. Authentication lasts no more than 2 seconds.


A customers Iris are unique. According to the theory of probability, in the entire history of mankind, there have not yet been two people with the same iris. It is impossible to find two completely identical patterns of the eye’s iris, even in twins. What’s more, your iris are stable over your life time and do not change as you age.


You might be interested to know that our Iris Recognition system is used by both the European Central Bank and the UK Government.

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Our Vault

The vault is almost the last line of defence against any attack and so it is vital that it is up to date in terms of its accreditation and resilience.


We offer a Class X CD EX Chubb Centurion 6-sided vault. Purpose-built for us by Gunnebo Chubb in Germany, this bespoke vault has additional explosive and core drill protection and is tested & certified by the ECB•S to comply with the latest European security standard EN-1143-1.


Our Vaults are also fitted with special high-grade electronic time locks and cannot be accessed outside of normal business hours for any reason.

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Safe Deposit Box Dual Control Locking Mechanism

Each Safe Deposit Box is fitted with a dual control lock, with two keyholes. This ensures that one of our custodians has to be present when any Safe Deposit Box is accessed. One unique key is for the customer, and the other is for our custodian. The custodian’s key must be inserted before the customer’s key can be used. It is impossible for the customer to access their box without our custodian key being inserted. It is also impossible for a customer to remove their key without first closing and locking their Safe Deposit Box. Also, our safe deposit boxes have metal inner liner boxes and our customers are permitted to use personal locks on the inner boxes as extensions to the safe deposit lock system provided.


We are here to meet all your Safe Deposit Box needs with our efficient, confidential and discreet service. You can have confidence in our hi-tech entry security systems and our outstanding physical security. We simply offer one of the best Safe Deposit Box services available and you can have real confidence in choosing Britannia Safe Deposit.

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