Britannia Safety Deposit – We do Things a Little Differently

Security deposit boxes have been used for centuries as a way to protect important documents, heirlooms, and valuables from theft, fire, and other disasters. Today, they continue to be an essential tool for safeguarding precious items and memories, and at Britannia Safe Deposit, we’ve made it our goal to give you absolute peace of mind when it comes to storing your most valuable possessions. Britannia Safe Deposit Centre is a division of an established self-storage company built on more than a decade of contented clients.


You are as important to us as your valuables are to you and our word class level of security reflects our commitment to ensuring the safety of whatever you store with us.

What sets Britannia apart?

Our opulent building has a 150-year history of keeping valuables secure. Previously a bank, our building provides security like no other. We believe that security should begin before you even step foot through the door and boast all of the state-of-the-art security measures you’d expect, and some you might not…

Our security features include:

  • One of the most secure vaults in the world – a Chubb Centurion Grade X CD EX vault with core drill and explosive resistance.
  • Time-locked vault that prevents out-of-hours access under any circumstances.
  • Advanced iris recognition access for highly accurate, reliable identification.
  • A bank-grade alarm system with specialist 24-hour monitoring and direct link to the emergency services.
  • 24-hour CCTV which includes fire and intruder alarm systems that are monitored by specialists round the clock to provide the highest level of protection. We also protect by recording every detail with crystal clear, High-Definition CCTV.
  • Our staff have industry-standard training and are DBS-checked. They are also instantly recognisable from their uniform so you can rest assured you’re talking to the right person.


Proudly based in Farnworth – an old town with a bright future

In line with big plans for redevelopment in the area, we have invested over £1.5M in our building to ensure that it presents the most luxurious location for your valuables. Our beautiful building will sit proudly on the newly renovated high-street of Farnworth and our investment into this historical building provides part of the redevelopment of the area, to improve the town centre and enhance the local community.

Why use Britannia Safety Deposit?

As a Gold Standard Accredited Member of the Safety Deposit Association, we understand the importance of security, flexibility, and discretion, and we offer friendly and professional services from a team that really care. Whether you wish to store valuable jewelry, documents, or priceless memories that you never want to lose, Britannia Safety Deposit will bring you unparalleled security with absolute peace of mind.


There is high demand already ahead of our grand opening, so talk to one of our team today about reserving a box for the things that really matter.


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