Why Choose A Safe Deposit Box Over A Home Safe

A safe deposit box is one of the most secure ways to protect valuable items. It means the contents can be kept under more than just your typical lock and key within a high security vault, away from your personal property, with a professional team ensuring their safety.


When it comes to storing possessions, choosing between a maximum-security safe deposit centre and investing in a built-in home safe is a perfectly valid argument. For some, the convenience of having items on-hand at their personal residence is enough to make that an easy choice, but in reality, there are plenty more reasons why a safe deposit box is a better and safer option.

The risks of a home safe

Some of the most common items people to choose to store in their home safes are cash, jewellery, passports and important documents, with some larger safes even being able to house paintings and antiques too. However, whilst it may seem a sensible idea to have personal items hidden away at home, it can also have an adverse effect by making that residence a primary target for theft and burglaries.

According to the Metropolitan Police, burglars will specifically target homes that they think will contain valuables, and it’s also a fact that many burglars will return to the homes they’ve previously burgled because the homeowner failed to upgrade security following the first burglary.

For the Greater Manchester area where the crime rate is already high, the government recorded a total of 12,460 burglaries of residential properties throughout 2021, plus an additional 371 aggravated burglaries – a more serious, violent theft crime where offenders are armed with some kind of weapon. What’s more, thieves have been known to target Asian family homes more specifically, in the hope of finding jewellery, gold, silver, diamonds or priceless family heirlooms.

This, alongside the current cost-of-living crisis pushing many people to a financial breaking point, highlights a significant risk to the local area, and leaves residents looking for the most effective, secure way to guarantee the safety of their valuables.

The exceptional security of a safe deposit box

Housed in a former bank building with a 150-year history of keeping people’s belongings safe, Britannia Safe Deposit Centreboasts state-of-the-art security measures such as advanced iris recognition access for highly accurate, reliable identification, HD video surveillance technology and a Chubb Centurion Grade X CD EX vault with core drill and explosive resistance – one of the most secure in the world.

Security measures also include our time locked vaults, 24/7 HD CCTV, fire, and bank-grade intruder alarm systems with direct links to the emergency services. All of which allow us to say with confidence, that you can trust Britannia Safe Deposit Centre to keep your valuables safe and secure.

But we don’t stop there…

As Gold Standard Accredited Member of the Safety Deposit Association, Britannia Safe Deposit Centre guarantees absolute discretion with privacy of content, and private viewing rooms available.

This means that other than the box owner or nominees, no-one will be aware of the value or contents of any safe deposit box within our vault, ensuring complete peace-of-mind that no data breaches or information will be disclosed.

And of course, you can rest assured that the professionalism you’ll experience from our industry trained and DBS-checked staff will be second-to-none. Their knowledge of the security and banking sectors is unrivalled, and we’re proud to have them at our side as we provide a personal, fully transparent service, happily answering any questions you may have.

What’s important to you is safe with us

Just minutes away from central Manchester, Britannia Safe Deposit Centre is a division of an established self-storage company, and comes with a strong, proven track record in providing advanced security measures.

From gold to cash and documents to data, whatever matters to you, matters to us. Our team work to the very highest standards of security practice, and we’re proud to offer world-class safe deposit facilities. Meticulous attention to detail underpinned by the latest technology, so that you can trust us to keep your valuables safe and secure.

This makes us highly experienced in keeping our clients’ valuables safe, and with an aim to offer the best safe deposit centre in the North of England, we are absolutely committed to upholding the high standards and personal service that sets us apart.

Safety: Secured

Ahead of our opening launch, we’re welcoming new clients to secure their valuables with Britannia Safe Deposit.

We have a number of different box types to choose from, all allowing you to ensure complete peace-of-mind and comfort in knowing that your contents are safe and secured.


Enquire today.

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